Blank Page Design/Build is expert in Full Custom Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Basement Remodeling and everything between. Serving the areas of Springfield Virginia, Fairfax Virginia and all of northern Virginia.
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Blank Page Design/Build specializes in structural remodeling. We are experts at structural remodels. What does “structural remodeling” mean? In technical terms, structural remodeling is construction work done to modify an existing home (i.e., residential remodeling) that involves the repair, modification, removal or addition of one or more load bearing elements of the home. A load bearing element is typically a wall, post or foundation that supports a structural load.

Blank Page Design/Build can take your small or outdated home and create an addition that will make your home the gem of the neighborhood! Change your home’s exterior for a more pleasing look, or add rooms to give your family space to grow! From large to small, Blank Page Design/Build is the expert for all types of residential additions and remodels.

When removing walls, structural engineering is necessary to ensure that new adjustments will support your home. It is imperative that structural modifications are safe and secure to support the entire structure of your home. Click on the projects below to see the structural detail we incorporate in our projects.