Totally Creative Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home


Remodeling your entire house is a daring project, which is sure to bring you lots of rewards when it comes to look and functionality. As you renovate each room in your house, you will transform the space for the years to come, which means you have to be creative. Creative house renovation is a great way to personalize your home and adjust it to your own taste. At the end of the project you should have a space which fits you and your family perfectly. You definitely have some ideas, but here is more inspiration on creative remodeling for your house.

Creative use of space

One of the most underused spaces is the area under the stairs; take advantage of all that space during house renovations and turn it into a bookcase or a relaxation area. You can simply use some pillows and an old furniture piece to craft a reading nook under the stairs. If you find this idea too disturbing, you can set up the place for your dog or cat, which are definitely going to find it interesting. More conventional uses of the space under your stairs are for depositing clothes and footwear. During the cool months you will be congratulating yourself for this idea.

More space for the booze and/or food

This idea is going to appeal to men, but women can find it just as useful for those feminine Cosmopolitans – install a mini fridge in your kitchen island. This smart project of kitchen remodeling can give you multiple options as your mini-bar can be used to keep ice cream cold or pretty much any other food item. Your kitchen island can also harbor another type of device or appliance, so just think what you need most.
Another creative remodeling idea is to install accordion windows in your kitchen; they will allow you to open the space to the outdoors, which is a great way to enjoy the scenery while cooking. If you love to eat in the outdoors you can also create an outdoor eating bar space, so when the windows are opened, you can just serve the meal to the outside guests and have fun together.

Pull out, chop on

Another great idea for your kitchen remodeling is using pull out cabinets. During a regular day, they can act just like regular cabinets, storing your kitchen tools and so on, but when you need more space for chopping, just pull out the cabinet and you have an instant new counter. This also happens to be mobile!
That mobile cabinet can be accompanied by a sliding knife holder, which helps you declutter the countertop. The kitchen wall can also be used for installing a sliding knife block or for a hidden wine rack.
Speaking of pull out, you can install chutes in your kitchen and connect them straight to the garbage bin. Make sure you place two of them, one for the recycling and one for the other trash.

The bathroom remodeling hacks

When it comes to bathroom remodeling you also have lots of options to make the room more functional and more entertaining. One of the ideas is to build an S-shape space in your bathroom, which you can use to lie down and enjoy a bit of steam during your bath. You are definitely going to find more ways to use that S over time.
Another great remodeling idea for a bathroom, especially a small one, is installing a walk in shower. You will benefit from the lack of glass to scrub and from extra space when you don’t use the shower.

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