Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Best Investments


Remodeling a kitchen is no small undertaking. Kitchens are crucial rooms in any home that are filled with furniture appliances and more and all these things present a lot of challenges when you come to renovate. You’ll not only be replacing furniture and adding a lick of paint – you’ll be adding stone countertops, moving heavy appliances and upgrading utilities all while taking into account the specific dimensions and challenges presented by your particular kitchen space.

All this is not just challenging but also expensive. As a result, it pays to be smart about the changes you’re going to make. Picking the right small projects and changes can actually make a huge difference to your room without costing you the earth. What’s more, when you come to sell your proper later, they can still be enough to drive up the value significantly. In other words, you should think about your ROI – your Return On Investment – when choosing which changes to make. Read on for some of the smartest changes you can make to your property in order to drive up the value without breaking the bank.

A New Coat of Paint

Repainting any room in your home is one of the easiest ways to greatly improve its looks without spending a fortune. A new coat of paint can make your whole room look newer, cleaner and more colorful and can completely change the atmosphere. This is especially true if your paint is currently looking a little tired.
If you want to be even smarter with your money then you may choose to only add a little paint. You can do this for instance by using a little paint to add patterns to the wall and decals rather than repainting the entire space.

If you do choose to paint the whole kitchen though, you can expect it to set you back around $350 to $600 on average. Your mileage of course may vary.

Look at Creative Storage Solutions

Storage makes a huge difference to any kitchen. One of the biggest and simplest reasons for this is that it means you don’t have so much clutter on your surfaces. Moreover though, it means that you’ll have somewhere to keep your items and to easily retrieve them and prospective buyers will know this too.
So how do you add storage space? Adding open shelving in tight areas is one useful strategy – and you can even add shelves over windows without blocking much light. Moving big appliances just a little one way can sometimes earn you enough space cumulatively to fit in a whole new cabinet. If you have an overcrowded pantry, then consider rearranging it or installing lazy susans/spinning spice racks to give you more room. These are very cheap options but they make a big difference to the organization and practicality of your room.

Use Decorative Accessories

You can enhance the look of your kitchen considerably with just a few items. A rug made of carpet for instance can make a kitchen much more homely, candles can be surprisingly atmospheric in the evening and artwork that matches the paint can also add a touch of style.

Update Your Light Fittings

As your kitchen gets older, the chances of lighting fixtures looking outdated increases considerably. Old homes often feature fluorescent or incandescent lighting whereas newer kitchens tend to use green alternatives. Change your old bulbs with CFL light bulbs for instance and you’ll only spend a little – but it will mean you save money on energy in the short-term and increase the value of your home in the longer.

Think Vertical

If you have run out of horizontal space, then you can always build upwards. Taking more advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen is a great idea that often gets overlooked. Even if you are storing things a little too high to reach, you can always get out the step ladder when you do want them.

Get Rid of Old Items

Sometimes it’s not about what you add but about what you remove. To make more space in your kitchen you can simply get rid of some of the things you find yourself rarely using. Do you really need all that oddly shaped Tupperware?

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