The Advantages of Having a Freestanding Tub in Your New Bathroom


Freestanding tubs offer lots of benefits for your bathroom, ranging from design to functionality. The tub is the most used feature of any bath, so you need to think carefully about what tub you want to install. There are multiple factors to consider, the size of the bathroom and its destination being the most important ones. A freestanding tub is going to bring a unique look to your bathroom remodeling project and you can choose from multiple colors and styles – the diversity of freestanding tubs is greater than the one of built-in tubs. And there is more to this fixture than it meets the eye.

Freestanding flexibility

A built-in tub can only be put in a specially designed spot in the bathroom, while a freestanding one can be placed anywhere. This is a major benefit of this item, which allows you to re-use your tub during multiple bathroom remodeling sessions. You can just change where the freestanding tub sits and probably its color, if necessary and this is it! There is no tile to be broken, no extra work to be done. In spacious bathrooms, the best spot for the freestanding tub is the middle of the room, which is sure to impress anyone who walks in the bathroom. You can also put it near the window, to enjoy the last sun rays while having a bubble bath.

There are so many options when it comes to materials

A freestanding tub can be made from a wide array of materials, compared to a built-in tub. You can choose a cast iron tub, for example – it will last for decades on end and it will look amazing. If your bathroom remodeling contractor agrees the floor can support lots of weight, you can choose a stone freestanding tub, which is even more impressing than the iron tub and adds a hint of timeless elegance to your bathroom. These are only two examples. You have actually many other options.

Space is relative to freestanding tubs

A freestanding tub is definitely bigger than a built-in tub, which is the norm these days, but it has an advantage the latter lacks: it creates space. As the freestanding tub is raised off the floor and it’s not surrounded by the material, it will make the space seem bigger. This doesn’t mean a freestanding tub fits for tiny bathrooms, but that you can use it in a smart way to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

A style to be remembered

Freestanding tubs are a bold style statement and will make your bathroom stand out. You can add several details to the tub, such as vintage bronze faucets, bronze claw foots or even a pedestal, which enhance the vintage look and emphasize the royal look of the tub. Add a seating next to the freestanding tub and your bathroom is going to look like a luxurious spa.

Replacing the tub with a freestand can be one of the simplest bathroom remodeling ideas, but it’s sure to have an amazing effect when it comes to changing the entire room.

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