Luxury Item Ideas For Bathroom Remodels


When you get ready to remodel your bathroom, there are some great options. What you actually choose depends upon why you are remodeling in the first place, but if we assume that you want to live in the bathroom long-term, luxury items are a great choice. You can indulge yourself in the bathroom because it is probably a place you visit several times a day. Here are five luxury items that you can add to your remodel. Talk to your contractor and ask them if they know how to install these additions. If not, you can find a specialist that will.

Item #1: Heat

Adding heat to your bathroom is a terrific idea because there are so many ways that you can add heat. Let’s start with the fact that you can change out your old bathroom for one that is luxurious and roomy (if you have the room to expand the bathtub). Think of a hot tub built for one person and you’ll have the idea. What about heated floors? Walking barefoot on cold, bathroom floors in the morning is uncomfortable, but walking on heated floors is the epitome of luxury. Another item that might install is a heated towel rack. You know when you take an item of clothing out of the dryer and wear it immediately, how warm and comfortable that is? That’s what having a heated towel rack is like. Finally, you might consider installing a steam shower as it is the ultimate way to treat your body. You can choose steam, shower or both.

Item #2: Lighting

Adding updated lighting fixtures and modern technology to your lighting system is a great idea no matter if you are planning on selling or not. There are some amazing technologies out there when it comes to installing lighting systems and you can choose a lighting setup that will be the perfect setting for a particular room, or even a particular area of a room. The bathroom can benefit from ambient lighting or an adjustable lighting system that allows the person to adjust it from inside the shower as well. Also, you can add interesting lighting to the bathtub and the shower if you choose.

Item #3: Hygienic Toilets

If you want to avoid the bathroom germs as much as possible, consider adding no touch toilets to your bathroom. What are no touch toilets? You have probably seen a few in public restrooms. They are the toilets that sense when you leave them and they flush themselves. This allows you to avoid any germs that you might have come in contact with if you touched the toilet handle when flushing. No touch toilets even sense whether you want the seat up or down and move it accordingly. Just a wave of the hand can activate other devices like hand dryers, sinks and soap dispensers if you want to install all of those.

Item #4: Dual Sinks

According to Blank Page Design, installing his and her sinks is one of the best things that you can do for your bathroom if you want to resell it. Almost all of the potential buyers that come by to look at your home will be couples and couples love his and her sinks. They are an addition that everyone can appreciate, but especially those people that are extremely busy and have limited time to get ready and get to work in the morning. Waiting for the husband to shave while the wife is late to work and needs to do her makeup could drive the wife crazy and his and her sinks would eliminate that problem completely.

Item #5: Upscale Finishes

There are a lot of amazing things that you can put in the bathroom. Designer bathtubs can put you in the lap of luxury and these days you can get showers installed that have internet access, bluetooth connections for phone calls and texts, and music, movies and other media. You can shower in style with designer fixtures or you can go full blown modern technology. The tile is a great upgrade item as well as the faucets and vanity cabinets. Adding more storage also builds great value in your bathroom.

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