Interior Design Trends of 2017


That Kitchen Has Got to GO

According to Houzz, an interior design and remodel online resource for homeowners, found 52% of their users plan to continue or start renovations in 2017, on par with plans for 2016 reported in last year’s study. The main motivators behind these decisions come from no longer being able to stand the existing design they inherited when buying the house(43%), and finally having the financial means to do so(40%.) The focus of most renovations is still the kitchen for another year at 30% and bathrooms closely behind at 27%.

Tear Down This Wall-Paper

Homeowners on Houzz over the past five years have been showing a gradual increase in actively engaging in home projects, such as decorating (65%), renovating (60%), and/or repairing their homes (53%). These users reported spending on average, $60.4K on 2016 renovations, compared to $59.8K in 2015.

The Future’s Looking BRIGHT

When selecting the style of the kitchen, contemporary(22%) has surpassed transitional(16%) in popularity, the survey found. Traditional wood cabinets are no longer the norm, instead, it’s white cabinets for a few reasons. With limited lighting white can really brighten a space, especially with natural lighting, this also can make a space seem larger than it actually is which is great for kitchens on the smaller side.

Counter Tops are Making a (Back) Splash

Homeowners are focusing on upgrading counter tops(95%) and back splashes(90%) while cabinets sit at eighth place(81%), having white cabinets compliments and lets these other darker features really stand out. This is especially true with the majority that reported selecting granite counter tops(41%), which always have dark accents within it, even when selecting a lighter stone. Finally, white is a timeless look, which means both you and the next home buyer will remain satisfied with it despite new trends that may arise.

Hardwood You Believe It

Stained or unstained hardwood remains the classic gold standard at 31% however ceramic or porcelain tile has trended closely behind at 30%. This is partially due to a new style, porcelain tile wood planks. Their popularity is from giving the best of both worlds, the traditional look of wood with the durability of porcelain, not to mention porcelain is easier to clean and treat.

Under the (Ventilation) Hood

Stainless steel dominates the color of appliances at 72% with white at a distant second (9%.) For lighting, Houzz homeowners chose under cabinet lighting(71%) and recessed lighting(70%) the most. This in part is due to the recent uprising of minimalism, and to once again, keep the focus on the counter tops and back splashes by hiding lights.

While the future is always uncertain, it’s likely that 2018 will follow this continuous upward trend in home interior remodeling, especially in kitchen renovations, with new and exciting styles and features for design and functionality.


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