Homeowners Are Going All Out on Their Master Bedrooms!


When it comes to expensive remodels, it seems like master bedrooms are currently receiving a lot of love. The master bedroom in your home is a great selling point for your property but it’s also probably where you are going to spend a lot of time yourself as well for sleeping. In other words, a master bedroom offers a lot of bang for your buck in terms of the value you get for it and the value that gets added to your real estate.

This is likely why homeowners are increasingly choosing to spend their cash flow on their master bedrooms according to a recent survey from Houzz. Also getting this luxury treatment are powder rooms and guest bathrooms. They are the fortunate recipients of new wallpaper, hardwood flooring, elaborate sinks and other higher-end features. A lot of these projects are costing homeowners under $2,500 though, so it’s not all highly expensive. In many cases in fact, the work is more cosmetic and falls under the umbrella of DIY.

The survey questioned 3,200 users of Houzz, which is an online resource for home remodeling. All these users were in the process of undergoing upgrades, had recently finished, or were preparing for one. Over two thirds said they would be increasing the size of the shower in their master bedroom. They were also adding heated floors, towel racks and multiple sinks.
Five percent of those who participated in the survey had budgets of $50,000 or more for their renovations. 50% planned on spending in around the $10,000 range.

While bathrooms in the master bedroom received a lot of attention though, budgets for bathrooms in other rooms of the house received a lot less financing. Respondents of all ages said they were undertaking the remodeling now as they had only just accumulated enough money to do so. The group most likely to be undergoing renovations or planning them were new homeowners.
Baby boomers meanwhile are very likely to add grab bars and curbless showers to their bathrooms. And predictably, accessibility features like hand-held showerheads and shower seats were more common among generation Xers and Millennials. Comfort toilets are toilets that are up to two inches higher than usual toilets and these were also common in such remodels.
According to research, the best toilets are those with comfort height and that score high marks for waste removal, noise and bowl cleaning.

If it’s adding value to your home that you’re interested in, then other surveys give some indication as to the most profitable changes that can be made to bathrooms. Further research suggests that at the moment in particular, luxury features are highly popular in bathrooms. These tend to include things like waterfall showers, aromatherapy and more. It seems that right now, families are very much looking for ways to upgrade their bathroom for more of a ‘spa-like’ feel. There’s a lot of new technology available now to help make bathrooms more relaxing and indulgent so if you want to stand out among the other properties on the market, adding some of these features to your room could be a good strategy. Again, if you’re going to add these sorts of features to any room in the house, then it makes sense to add them to the master bedroom.

Then again though, it stands to reason as well that the most popular renovations are also likely to be popular with buyers. If homeowners are spending lots of money on specific upgrades, then it stands to reason that you can save buyers some time and expense by adding them yourself.

All this spending is good news for the housing market and it suggests that people are starting to enjoy the opportunity to add some luxury to their properties as the economy continues to improve. People are able to add upgrades to their master bathrooms that otherwise they had been forced to sit on while they waited for the available funds.
If you were looking to add to your bathroom then now might be a good time to do so. When handled correctly, remodeling any room in your house can significantly increase your resale value while at the same time boosting the value that you get from your property yourself.

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